Basudin® : Diazinon-based Organophosphorus Product

The crop protection industry offers products that provide essential support to modern agriculture, enabling food production to increase alongside population and economic growth. In recent years, the breadth of crop protection's modern product portfolio has significantly increased productivity for farmers. All product lines today aim to prevent yield loss from weeds, diseases and pests.

BASUDIN®, a diazinon-based organophosphorus product, is a very effective plant protector. For decades, farmers have trusted and placed high confidence in this product. BASUDIN® is used for the control of a wide range of soil pests, and foliar chewing and sucking pests.

BASUDIN® possesses both contact and stomach action and has the ability to penetrate foliar tissue with some translaminar activity. The residue tolerance and pre-harvest intervals determined its extensive use in various crops. This wide range use and safety is accountable for its registration in over 80 countries widely spread in all regions such as Europe, Asia Pacific, and Central America.

Zagro now has the right to use this eminent trademark BASUDIN®!