About Basudin

Brief history of BASUDIN®

BASUDIN®, a registered trademark product under Zagro, has a long history of being a reliable crop protection (CP) product used to ward off harmful pests, minimises yield losses from weeds, and diseases. It also has a chemical formulation that comes from the family of Diazinon, a colourless to dark brown liquid that was originally developed in 1952 by Ciba-Geigy, a Swiss chemical company (later Novartis, then Syngenta).  

BASUDIN® is also used for the control of a wide range of soil pests, and foliar chewing and sucking pests. The diazinon-based organophosphorus product possesses both contact and stomach action capabilities. It also has the ability to penetrate foliar tissue with some translaminar activity. Farmers typically applied BASUDIN® onto their plant crops according to the residue tolerance and pre-harvest intervals.