Use Pattern

Use Pattern

Use Pattern of Basudin®

For crop protection, BASUDIN® is effective against mites, parasitoids, lacewing, coccinellids, anthocorid bugs, mired bugs, rove beetles, carabid beetles and spider. Depending on the complexity of pest infestation, this multipurpose insecticide is applied in 2 ways:

Foliar Spray

As a general practice, EW, EC and WP formulations are used for foliar sprays. BASUDIN® can be applied as an aqueous spray using ground or aerial equipment. The residual effect of the product on the surface of the foliage is short and allows the rapid re-establishment of beneficial insect populations.

Soil Treatment

Liquid and granular formulations of BASUDIN® are suitable for soil applications in any type of crop. Granular formulations are preferred because they are easier to handle and to apply. In addition, granules have a longer lasting effect than other formulations primarily used for foliar spray.

Soil drenches can be used for the treatment of surface cutworms. In certain cases the liquid formulations can be applied as a soil drench, especially to the seed furrow at the sowing time, or at the time of planting.

Granules should be incorporated into the soil for optimum efficacy. Incorporation protects the product from decomposition by UV light, minimizes the hazard to birds and directs the granules closer to the root zone.

Paddy water treatment

In rice, in addition to foliar application with EC and WP, granules applied to the rice water are also recommended. In the latter case higher rates are needed but this is counterbalanced by improved performance and long-lasting effect.