Basudin® Advantages

BASUDIN® is a reliable, versatile insecticide for crop protection uses. It makes a good single product solution:

a. in crops where several different pests require control;

b.for mixed crop farmer.

The advantages of BASUDIN® are as follows:

1. BASUDIN® is a non-systemic organophosphate insecticide; it displays marked contact and stomach action and also penetrates foliar tissue.

2. The properties of BASUDIN® make it suitable for use in Integrated Pest Management Programme.

3. BASUDIN® has less detrimental effect compared to other organophosphate products and it's flexibility in application timing allows it to be used in a wide variety of crops such as rice, deciduous fruit, vegetables and citrus.

4. BASUDIN® controls a wide spectrum of pests and is especially good against leaf-eating and sucking insects and soil pests. It effectively attacks eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults of many insects and is well tolerated in all crops where its use is recommended.

5. BASUDIN® has good residual activity in the soil and the active ingredient is not absorbed by the roots.

6. Field trials and continuous use of BASUDIN® under practical conditions have indicated no problems with aqua toxicity.

7. BASUDIN® formulations are easy to handle. Formulations of BASUDIN® are miscible with most standard insecticides and fungicides of neutral reaction.