Basudin 600 EW

Basudin 600 EW

Active Ingredient: Diazinon

Category of Use: Insecticide

Formulation: Oil in Water Emulsion (EW)

Direction For Use:

Fruit Crops. The rates suggested for foliar application are for high volume spraying to run-off. For concentrate spraying, adjust dilution rate accordingly.

Avocados Leafroller, Mealybug,
Thrips, Scale insects
80 ml per 100
litres water
Apply as a seasonal cover spray mixed with Carbaryl 80 WP at label rates. Apply pre and post-blossom and thereafter at 2 to 4 weeks intervals, using the shorter interval
for leafroller control over summer.
Tomatoes, Onions,
Beans, Cabbages,
Aphids, Caterpillars,
1.3 litres per
Apply at first sign of insects and repeat as necessary.
Strawberries Aphids 1.25 litres per
Apply as a single application pre-flowering.


BASUDIN 600 EW mixes readily with water. Add the required amount into the partly filled spray tank then add the rest of the water with agitation. Continue agitation while spraying.

BASUDIN 600 EW can be applied with conventional ground and aerial spray equipment. Rinse with clean water after use.

May be tank mixed with most insecticide and some fungicide formulations. Flocculation may occur in combination with Carbaryl SC and Captan or where hard water is used. If used in combination with emulsifiable concentrate formulations, the mixture should be tested before use. Do not mix with copper sprays, Bordeaux mixture or lime sulfur.


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